Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Master's Bedroom



After the ceiling and walls have been textured and painted its now time to clear the floor by removing carpets and nails that hold them. We've chosen the white laminate from IKEA, it was such a perfect timing because they had those on sale for 99 cents per square feet. The entire basement cost us less than $700.00 for the laminates.

Drywall Prep

Its easier to install drywall on walls than on celiings since they don't need something to hold them while being fastened to the studs. The only thing special that needs to be done is putting insulation between the outer and inner wall. This picture is basically ready for painting. It has been insulated, fastened, plastered and sanded.

Ceiling Drywall Installation

Because ceiling drywall comes in wide cut I've had to rent a hoist from Home Depot to lift it all the way to the ceiling without cracking it. I've had my friend Andrew help me on this. Drywall hoist can be rented out at Home Depot for $35.00 per day and makes your work way lot easier.

Servpro To The Rescue

We called up Liberty Mutual to have this whole messed fixed immediately but temporarily so they called up ServPro to dry out the floor and have the damaged ceiling removed. Liberty Mutual gave us the option of either installing a new carpet for the whole basement at their expense or they'll just going to hand us the $2100.00 and we'll take care of everything ourselves. We've chosen the latter.