Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bathroom Project Part 5 - Tiling

The nightmare began. I installed this 24x12 glazed black tiles and was unsatisfied with the result. It was too shiny, it didn't suite our taste at all. We lose $300 right there. I bought the 24x24 unglazed porcelain tiles and my wife told me to have it cut to 24x6 so we went to this fabricator in Sunland and have them cut for $100.00. I installed the tiles for the second time and it came out unaligned. Its because the fabricator didn't cut the tiles in equal width. Wall tiling is way more difficult than floor tiling and with lack of experience disaster is inevitable.

This time I seek help from the pro. Tony has been doing tile installation all his life and that made him the perfect man for the job. Since his son is a good friend of ours we got charged at a very reasonable price. My wife and I had to replace the old wonderboard while Tony cleaned each tile with a grinder before it can be installed. It took Tony the whole day to finish the wall tile and I took care of the floor and tub tile on separate ocassion. I then did the grouting afterwards.

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