Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bathroom Project Part 6 - The Final Touch Up

In the final days of bathroom renovation I've painted the drywall part with white, removed the grout haze with phosphoric acid, installed the moldings, attached the shower panel to the wall, install the shower rod and curtain and put silicone to the gaps and patched some part of the tub that got chipped.

I also had to replace the main trap in the tub drain, wax ring in the toilet and bathroom lightings (yes, I know some basic plumbing and electrical at this point!)

The most challenging part here was the shower panel attachment. Porcelain tile is the hardest of all tiles and I had to get both the carbide and diamond bit to drill where I would put the screws in. With proper pressure it took me more or less 30 minutes just to drill 6 holes, can you imagine! Also the shower panel hanger were off few inches from the tile that's why I had to relocate it by making new holes as seen on the picture.

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