Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Kitchen Project Part 5 - Cabinets And Fixtures

My wife and I bought the kitchen set from IKEA. But before we did, I downloaded the AutoCAD-like software from IKEA website to design the kitchen with all the right measurements. With all the pipings and limited space to put into consideration, we were able to come out with the plan that maximizes the small space available.

I had to put the rail first making sure they are perfectly leveled so I can install the cabinet on the wall just by myself. All I have to do is hang the cabinets once the rail is ready and tighten the screws that holds them together. We got lots of dining and kitchenwares we received as a gift from our wedding and since china cabinet is too old school for us we prefer to keep them in a multi-level wall cabinet taking advantage of our high ceiling. My wife and I did all the cabinet assembly.

The last part was putting the appliances and fixtures into place. I know nothing about plumbing at that time so Boy and Tony assisted me in installing the heavy microwave oven and dishwasher and leveling the floor cabinets. The countertop people wont install the countertop unless the cabinets are perfectly leveled. Saul helped me install the sink, the waste grinder and the faucet.

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