Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Master Bathroom Project Part 1 - Introduction

Probably the most complex project of all. This project came to a point where I was about to give up. Its tiresome, its messy and sometimes tedious. The once so called hobby I used to enjoy was becoming more of a job that needs to get done. In the end it paid off well. Seeing the result have replaced the frustration with pride and joy.

We weren't suppose to renovate the bathroom at all. During the summer of this year the bath started leaking and it flooded our bathroom. The adjuster from our home insurance gave us $2700.00 to replace the carpet for the entire ground floor and the lower part of bathroom's drywall. We've been eyeing good deals over the internet for vanity and shower panels. As long as we do almost everything ourselves, we can renovate the entire bathroom using the insurance money plus minimal funds from our own pocket. Since carpet isn't that bad we could just hire a carpet cleaner to clean the entire ground floor carpet.

These pictures will give you an idea how the bathroom used to look.

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